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Kathryn S. Patterson - Author
     Biblical Inspired Fiction for Young People
Welcome to the web site of Kathryn S. Patterson. Thank you for taking the time to visit the web site and learn more about Daniela and Jeffrey.  
Kathryn is a Bible teacher, speaker, biblical Hebrew teacher, active in ministry and volunteers as Hospital Chaplin. For more information about Kathryn see "About Kathie." 
To all the girls who feel like they know Daniela!  Daniela is perfect for Sunday school classes, home school students and book clubs.  The journal in the back of the book makes it a perfect companion for recording the life lessons that you learn.
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Meet Jeffrey a ten-year old boy who loves adventure. Jeffrey is the middle child with an older sister and younger sister. Jeffrey likes company on his adventures, so he cajoles his friends to join him on the adventures that are sometimes dangerous. God has a message for Jeffrey, but Jeffrey is not paying attention because he is so busy pursuing his adventures. 
God allows Jeffrey’s own actions to bring all his adventures to a sudden stop so that he can hear God’s message. The message for Jeffrey is learning what true leadership means, and not the cajoling way that sometimes worked for Jeffrey, as well as other valuable lessons that will serve him throughout his life.
Through circumstances surrounding Jeffrey’s captured attention, Jeffrey travels back in time to 1,400 BC seeking instruction from Moses and ultimately Joshua. Join Jeffrey’s adventures as he finds himself joining the Israelites as they camped on the Plains of Moab across from Jericho. Jeffrey learns many lessons, including responsibility, the meaning of wisdom, obedience, courage and leadership.  

Read about the many adventures Jeffrey joins in with Joshua and the two spies, the important lessons from the two herdsmen, joining Moses on Mt. Nebo, the fall of Jericho, along with many others
Coming August 10, 2020
New release by 
Kathryn S. Patterson
Jeffrey Adventure  a Jericho

Jeffrey - Paperback
10 unedited copies of Jeffrey were released in error.  The author's name is also incorrect on the front cover.  If you have an unedited copy, please email us through the website and the book will be replaced for free.
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