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Kathryn S Patterson - Author
    Biblical Inspired Fiction for Young Peiple
Kathryn is a retired judicial court reporter, an ordained minister, and has a Master's degree in Christian counseling and counseled for several years in a pastoral roll. 

  Kathryn and her husband, Duane, have spent extended time in Israel as well as traveling in the footsteps of Paul in Turkey and Greece, and the Island of Patmos where the Apostle John was imprisoned. Along with their travels, Kathryn and Duane have hosted trips to Israel and other biblical areas through their ministry www.biblelandstudies.com.

  When in Israel Kathryn has continued her studies in biblical Hebrew as well as speaking at a women's conference in Nazareth, and speaking to a group of young women and a group of young men about making life choices and living by biblical principles.

  Kathryn has been involved in ministry for over 25 years, including teaching and speaking, as well as being involved in volunteer work. She has been a volunteer for Birthright, an international pro-life organization in NE, the Volunteer Foster Care Review Board in NE, a hospice volunteer for five years in AZ and currently is a volunteer Chaplin at a local hospital. A ministry that is close to her is Heart to Heart for Israel, a local group of ladies that come together to help support Jewish families that are coming back to God's land, Israel, through Bridges for Peace, an international ministry. Both Kathryn and her husband have volunteered in Israel for Bridges for Peace.

  Kathryn and her husband, Duane, live in southern Arizona near their family, including their grandchildren and their first great grandchild.

  Kathryn's hobbies are quilting for her children and grandchildren, knitting baby blankets, and crocheting afghans for all. Reading and her studies in biblical Hebrew and teaching biblical Hebrew are her passion. However, she has now found another passion, reaching young people with a message from God for life lessons in today's world. Writing this book, Daniela, at God's directions was an amazing experience. She is looking forward to the next one!

Kathie specking at a women's conference in Nazareth, Israel with her interpreter, Katie. 
Spring Women's Conference sponsored by the local Christian churches in Nazareth.