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Kathryn S. Patterson - Author
Who is Daniela?

This is a great story! There is something here for parents, grandparents and especially for young children. The young girl in this story faces ridicule and isolation at school, but through a unique experience finds courage, boldness and other character traits that make her a winner for the rest of her life.

Fred Johnson, 
President and CEO of World-Wide Missions and Affiliates.

Dear Kathie:

Kathie, out of the heart of a grandparent, seeing the need to immerse children in the heritage given us in the Bible has written a story that children will enjoy. In a day when our culture has become anti-Christian and anti-God, good, wholesome, safe literature is difficult to find. This book is a refreshing change from the worldly media blast that our families see every day in the videos and television programs.
I have known Kathie and her husband for a number of years and have been to Israel with them and have seen their love and desire for God’s nation both physical and spiritual. This story of a little girl named Daniela finds us in one of the Old Testament miracles that found God intervening once again for his people. This book will be a blessing for those who seek to place their minds and hearts in the history of Israel.

Pastor ¬David Stowell

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Kathie - just finished reading Daniela and loved it!  Wish I had a group of young ladies I could read it to or get it for - wish I had read this when I was a 10 yr old and loved books.  Where were you when I needed you back then?  I would have made better choices in my own life if I had read this long ago!  I really, really liked Esther's explanation of "courage," "doing what is right even if it isn't popular, or if a cost is involved" - a cost is always involved just not always visible.  Thank you for the wise advice and insight you have put into this story, and it's good for all ages not just 10 yr olds!

Thanks, Kathie!