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 Walk with ten-year-old Daniela in an adventure through the book of Esther as she learns about life with Queen Esther in the palace and as Queen Esther teaches her how to be courageous. Share in the warm friendship and loyal bond that develops between Queen Esther and Daniela. Sit with them as they share sweet cakes and a delicious hot drink, while Queen Esther continues teaching Daniela about courage, making good but difficult choices and other life lessons. 

 Meet the first maidservant to Queen Esther who mentored Daniela, teaching her other valuable life lessons. See how the first maidservant to the queen and Daniela develop a special bond and a close friendship. Daniela looks to her for help and advice in matters concerning palace rules, making good choices, and serving others.

 No story is complete without a villain and a hero. See what happens to the villain Haman and the hero Mordecai! And then join Daniela as she experiences the first celebration of Purim, celebrating Queen Esther’s saving the Jewish people.

Kathryn S. Patterson - Author
Jeffrey book cover
Meet ten-year old Jeffrey as he travels back in time to 1,400 BC as he meets Joshua and Moses, camps on the Plains of Moab, learns lessons of leadership, and witness the fall of Jericho.  
Through circumstances of Jeffrey’s own actions, his life changes drastically, and he finds himself on the Plains of Moab on his way to meet Moses. Join in Jeffrey’s adventures as he learns what true leadership is, as well as wisdom, courage, obedience, and other important lessons.
Stand on Mt. Nebo with Jeffrey and Moses as they view the promised land that God promised to the Israelites. Read about the miracle of the fall of Jericho as the Israelites marched around the city for seven days following God’s instructions. Share with Jeffrey the first Passover after the Israelites crossed into the promised land.