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Excerpt Chapter 15

It was close to sunset and the path had become steep and narrow; Shmuel had gone ahead to find a good place to camp for the night. A fire was already burning in the camp and Shmuel had started to prepare food for their meal. The fire in the camp guided Moses and Yafe to where Shmuel had made camp. Moses was glad once they arrived, it had been a long day and he was getting a little tired. The trail had been steep and Yafe thought a little tough, and he was also tired. They expected tomorrow could be another long, full day of traversing the sometimes steep and rugged trail. Moses figured it was maybe a three-day hike to where God had directed him to go. Shmuel had prepared some tasty food for their meal. Yafe was always amazed at how good things could taste when he wasn’t always sure what he had put in his mouth. He thought it was the usual pancake-like bread; but somehow, it all tasted yummy-good. Then the thought struck Yafe. Maybe it’s because I was starved.

The darker it got the colder it got. Shmuel was wise about such thing and had brought some warm covers for the cold nights. Moses, Shmuel, and Yafe took turns and kept the fire going through the night, not only for some heat, but mostly because it protected them. There were dangerous, wild animals in the mountains, Yafe wished he had Aim and B’nee here to alert him to any danger. It wasn’t quite time for sleep yet, so Moses and Shmuel sat around the campfire and discussed the events of the day and made plans for the next day. Yafe sat quietly and listened carefully when they discussed the plans for the following day. The warmth and glow of the fire had made Yafe sleepy, and his eyes were getting heavy; he was somewhat hypnotized by the dancing flames of the fire. Yafe just wanted to lay down; however, it was too chilly when he backed away from the fire. Yafe asked for a cover so Shmuel covered him up, and when he had warmed some, he was just seconds from drifting into dreamland.

Something woke up Yafe, something in the bushes rustling and making a noise. Yafe had no idea how long he had been asleep, but Moses was sound asleep and so was Shmuel. Stunned by what he heard, Yafe’s eyes were wide open. The fire had gotten low, and Yafe got up and took a couple pieces of wood that Shmuel gathered earlier and put them on the fire; and then he crawled back under the cover to get warm again. There it was again ── that noise. Something was in the bushes; Yafe just knew it, he was sure he saw something moving. As the fire perked up and cast more light, it created shadows around their camp, creepy shadows. Moses and Shmuel were still sound asleep, but Yafe was now on high alert. Yafe searched the landscape from side to side looking for whatever──. Yafe was right, there was something in the bushes; he could see a reflection of what he thought were two eyes not too far away. The two eyes did not move at all, they just starred at Yafe. That starring scared Yafe, the eyes were intense, the reflection in them was sparkling like the fire, and they had not moved one way or the other since Yafe first noticed them. Yafe looked around for something he could use as a weapon; he needed something close, because he was afraid to get up and move around again. The only thing within his reach were two rocks, not so big he couldn’t pick them up but a good size, nonetheless. Yafe slowly reached for the first rock and carefully placed it next to him; again, he slowly reached for the second rock and held it in his hand, then very slowly he situated himself to be ready for──whatever.