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by Kathryn S. Patterson on 12/22/16

As I began writing Daniela’s story God continued to impress upon me this story is as much about the little girl as it is about her adventure.  Daniela’s birthday party is a window into her family, their experiences together, their interactions and their relationships to one another.  Most of the stories and experiences in Chapter 3 are based on actual events in our granddaughter’s life.

In Chapter 4 the enthusiastic, somewhat dramatic, yet tender-hearted Daniela is also a reflection of our granddaughter when she was that age.  The drama and imagination of Daniela and our granddaughter were the starting point to launch Daniela into Persia to search for Queen Esther.  The next hurdle was what exactly do I use to accomplish my goal.  God gave me the foot path idea, which fit perfectly with the Bible Daniela’s grandparents gave her for her birthday. 

Then I began to search for the right picture, one I could use.  My close friend, Pat Borge, is a very talented photographer with a great eye for “interesting.”  She graciously gifted the picture of the footpath to my book endeavor.  Without the footpath, Daniela would not have gotten to Persia and would not have found Queen Esther, or courage, or learned any valuable life lessons! 

A heartfelt “thank you” to Pat for her talents and time bringing Daniela to a reality.  Pat creates personalized videos from photographs for commercial and personal sue.  She specializes in landscapes, flora and fauna.  If you want videos from pictures taken on your memorable vacations, her work is outstanding!  Pat can be contacted for photographic services by email at azjeepers2@gmail.com.


Foot Path

Proverbs 3:5-6



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