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Daniela Time Traveler

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 01/18/17

When Daniela finds herself in 450 BC Persia searching for Queen Esther an entirely new adventure awaited her, and for me for that matter.  Duane was such a big help with the historical descriptions of the winter palace at Susa, researching his library and locating for me an artist’s rendering of what it would have looked like after the archeological excavations were completed.  I find it amazing how archeology puts the past together for future use.   Many of the other descriptions of what Daniela saw in Susa were from my memories of traveling through different regions and visiting many archeological digs.

Duane has studied archeology for many years, has his field credentials and training, and has volunteered on a particular dig in Israel several times. 

Thank you, Duane, for all your valuable help and encouragement!

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