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Knowing Daniela

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 02/16/17

Getting to know Daniela is central to the story as it unfolds in Persia.  Daniela is the middle child, but she is the only girl!  Many of Daniela’s characteristics reflect our granddaughter’s characteristics when she was Daniela’s age.  Our granddaughter was the middle child with an older and younger brother. The family dynamic was a familiar one.  She, like Daniela, was the entertainer in the family.  A tender-hearted, sensitive and somewhat timid little girl would be the perfect personality for a little girl searching for courage.

How difficult was it for Daniela to journey to 450 BC Persia?  Imagine if you were Daniela what would you do or what would you think when you traveled back to 450 BC Persia?  Imagine entering the palace gates into a totally unfamiliar world, would you be brave enough?  Would you be just a little scared of the unknown?  What was Daniela really thinking?

Share any comments and thoughts about Daniela and what you think about her adventure.

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