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Daniela in 450 B.C. Persia

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 03/19/17

The obstacles facing Daniela were much bigger than we can imagine.  Think about the language barrier!  How did she overcome the language barrier?  What did she do to understand people in another time and place, 2,500 years ago? 

Daniela also had a clothing problem!  The way everyone dressed in 450 BC Persia was nothing that Daniela was familiar with.  Her clothes were very different from everyone else’s clothing.  Nothing was familiar to Daniela.  However, on the other hand, think about what the others thought of how Daniela was dressed!  Her clothes were very different than theirs.   Would you think the clothing difference would be important to anyone?  Do you think they even noticed the clothing difference? 

Clothing worn at different times can define a culture and society within history.  Keeping this in mind it is good to have a look around our present clothing culture and try to imagine what one would think about our popular clothing trends, in a distant future time.   What do you think?

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