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Daniela Searching for Courage

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 04/25/17

Daniela finds herself in an unfamiliar place, in surroundings she has never seen before and no one she knows.  A little sliver of fear sets in!  What to do and where to go!  The next few minutes are critical in decision making for Daniela.  What should she do?  Which way should she go?  What do you think?

Imagine this ten-year little girl and these big decisions!  Making right decisions takes courage but Daniela didn’t know what courage really was and she had not found anything that looked like courage yet.  Each step Daniela takes as she begin this journey will require some measure of courage.  Where would that courage come from?  How would she get that courage?  As Daniela’s adventure unfolds see how she learns what courage is and what it means to her!  Share your thoughts about her adventure.  What do you think courage is?

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