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by Kathryn S. Patterson on 05/08/17

The word “courage” has many different uses depending on the context in which it is used.  Queen Esther’s courage was in the context of defending what she believed was the right thing to do and standing firm against what she believed was wrong, harmful, even deadly.

Queen Esther was acting on her conviction, or belief that an action by Haman would be devastating, harmful, wrong, and even deadly to the Jewish people.  Queen Esther’s action before the king was an expression of the courage of her conviction, what she believed to be right.  It was a boldness, a fearlessness and determination, even with a cost involved, to stand for what she knew and believed to be right.  It was the lesson Queen Esther wanted to share with Daniela.

Courage is valiance, having valor, not lack of daring or faint-heartedness; courage is self-confidence, fearlessness, boldness, not fearful and boasting.  Courage is taking leadership not leading from behind.

Just as Queen Esther told Daniela, everyone has courage even if it is hidden; they may not know they have courage, unless they are tested.  Don’t be afraid to be tested!


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