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by Kathryn S. Patterson on 06/13/17

Daniela had several lessons to learn from her experience with Queen Esther and living in the palace and serving under the first maid servant to the queen.  Each day was something new for Daniela.  The lesson on loyalty came from both Queen Esther and the first maid servant to the queen.  Queen Esther displayed her loyalty to her people when she stood before the king and spoke on behalf of the Jewish people even at her own risk.

Loyalty has many different uses depending on the circumstances.  Loyalty can mean being faithful to your oath or obligation, or loyal to a vow or promise.  Loyalty can also mean being faithful to a person or something deserving fidelity, as in a loyal friend.  Loyalty can also be seen in the character of a person showing faithfulness as in one’s conduct.

The first maid servant to the queen, whom Daniela served under, showed Daniela loyalty in many ways.  One important way was her loyalty to the queen.  She was faithful always in her conduct and respect for Queen Esther.  No doubt the first maid servant had taken an oath to serve the queen, and keeping the oath by her attitude and conduct was an outward sign of her loyalty to the queen.

Ask yourself:  Where do I show my loyalty?

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