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A Servant’s Heart

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 09/04/17

When Daniela met the first maidservant to the queen she didn’t know what it meant to be a servant or have a servant’s heart.  She had always been told what to do either by her parents, older brother or someone else in her life.  Daniela always thought she was being bossed around by everyone, and she didn’t like it very much.

While serving under the first maidservant to the queen, Daniela learned serving others and helping others were closely related.  Helping her mom wasn’t being a servant, it was just helping.  But when someone else asked for help or to do something it was more like serving.  Daniela had a little trouble sorting out the difference of serving or helping.  It seemed like serving had a relational quality.  In other words, she had some relation to the person she was serving.  That meant her attitude would be important, she would have a smile on her face and a happy heart, be respectful, and that would build relationships.  With her mom attitude was important, too.  Having a smile on her face and a happy heart were important, and of course, respect for her parents went without saying, but that was because she loved them. 

This idea of serving gave Daniela lots to think about.  Serving others blesses others, but it blesses her as well.  Identifying serving and helping will always be a challenge, but either way there will be blessings.

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