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Daniela and Friendship

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 10/24/17

Daniela thought she had lots of friends between school, Sunday school and the neighborhood.  However, as time and events unfolded some of her friendships just fell away.  This falling away of some friendships caused Daniela to rethink exactly what a friend was.  As Daniela began to sort out all that had happened, it occurred to her that just maybe she should rethink what a friend really was.  While wading through her thoughts she began to make a list of what she liked and didn’t like about some friends.  When her list was finished, Daniela was shocked at what she saw on the list; what she liked and what she didn’t like about some of her friends.

Daniela thought, I’m not sure how to pick a friend.  There must be a better way to choose friends!  What can I do?  

As Daniela pondered everything, it occurred to her the best way to choose a friend is first choose someone she liked, someone she had common interests with. Then what?  She thought, loyalty is an excellent quality that someone should have; someone whose word is true!  Another quality is someone who stands with you and defends your friendship.  Another quality is someone who can point our when you are wrong, but does it in a loving way, not with anger or yelling.  And finally, someone you can count on, in other words, dependable.

Daniela thought to herself, Do I know someone like that?  Do I already have a friend like this?  Maybe I do!  How lucky I am to have a friend like this!  Even though I knowow lHow lots of people, friends like this are few and they will be a blessing to me.  This is the kind of friend I want to be to others.

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